Ferguson Drama Reflects Injustices Perpetuated Since Civil War

The death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri exposes a painful pattern of the mindless cycle of violence and injustice that emerges in our homes, our neighborhoods and our society when generation after generation fails to rise above the indoctrination of hate and fear.

Although I live in San Diego, I was in St. Louis last week when Brown was killed and riots broke out. Ironically, I was there to distribute my newly launched book to local bookstores. I say ironically because the overarching theme of my book, My Diary Unlocked: Stories of Teen Girls Heal the Inner Adolescent of Our Soul

Old mistaken beliefs from Civil War live on today in Ferguson, MO

St. Louis Riot in 1861: Old mistaken beliefs from Civil War live on today in Ferguson, MO

is to recognize the fears of our individual and collective soul handed and to harness that awareness to reflect within our own soul for guidance on what is right, fair and just.

The timing of my book distribution, I believe, while it could not have been planned by me, was orchestrated in a way that every bookstore I visited wanted to make the book available to their customers. They are tired of the sustained violence in this deeply divided city. For it was in 1861 that the first riot broke out between Union and Confederate forces in St. Louis led to the death of 28 people.

From the moment of first contact when the police officer told Michael to “get the F— off the street,” to his multiple gunshot execution, the attitudes of the Civil War era handed down through time without questioning are being manifested on the streets of the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson today.

What can we learn from this situation? What can we do as individuals? We can start by questioning our own beliefs. We can commit to ending the mindless cycle of allowing our fears to create conflict in our own psyche and our relationships in our daily lives. For when we as individuals become open to a mindful redirection of truth and take charge of making our own decisions, we not only create the peace we desire in our own lives, but we are able to rise to the call to action to stand with others as a force for peace and justice for all.