Self-Esteem and Body Image

“57% of all girls have a mother who criticizes her own looks.” Dove Campaign for Real Beauty – Dove Self-Esteem Website

We model behavior, whether we know it or not. What are we teaching our impressionable children?

Mary Pipher made it clear in the 1990s in her book, Reviving Ophelia, we live in a girl-poisoning culture, especially in the area of nurturing a healthy body image. We are all aghast when we hear the statistics of the number of teens with eating disorders. We wonder why this can be happening.

Yet as parents, we often don’t make the connection between our self-deprecation and the imprint those remarks may leave on our kids. Jokes about our disgusting muffin tops hanging over the waist of our jeans, chants of our perennial plans to lose five or ten pounds teach our kids that we are not OK with ourselves the way we are. We have sold our inner peace to society’s image of a photoshopped cover girl. [Read more…]