Body Image and Self-Esteem

Dear Diary, I put beauty mud on last night. It didn’t work. I was still ugly when I woke up.

Introduction to my Blog

You are not alone. You make a difference. These are just a couple of messages that become clear by following this blog.

I’m Janet Larson Melugin. Welcome to my blog. My hope is that whenever you visit this site, you will feel like you just came home. Pretenses are dropped as we share riveting actual diary entries (names can be changed) that deal with real issues. Inspirational quotes surrounding the topics will be shared. I invite comments and emails from subject matter experts to provide guidance, and subscribers to offer insights. The goal is to look at the raw experiences – via the diary entries – and learn a new and healthier way to face them. Together, we’ll create a village to support and encourage families and teens as they face issues that affect their self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem.

While the topics that surface in this forum are relevant to our entire society, for now, I’m focusing on diary or journal (same thing) entries that face teens and their families. Of course, this includes families with young children, because we know that if parents don’t have a respectful and trusting relationship with their children as they approach their teen years, it’s a mountain climbing battle instead of an uphill battle at that point.

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